Our team is, first of all, a group of enthusiasts, seeking all people, in particular our dear small ones, spending most of time surrounded by nature.


Our story

Our partners and Dock Boot creators in Norway have a long lasting experience in the field of shoe-making and trade. Their family business was born back in 1967, and Dock Boot has begun spreading in their country as from 2005. It‘s no wonder, Dock Boot shoes have become really beloved! We cherish a hope that you will also like and enjoy wearing Dock Boot shoes. Like we do 😊.

Fast shipping

Preparation of goods within 1-2 days after a payment is received

Free shipping

Via DPD Pickup points in LT, LV and EE after a purchase over 55 EUR

Secure payment

Reliable payment collection partners and a wide choice of payment methods

Return policy

Within 14 calendar days from delivery

What is inside and outside the shoe?


The outer part is neoprene and partially covered with natural rubber for increased durability. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material. The trademark Neoprene belongs to the American company DuPont. It was originally marketed under the trademark Duprene. The material is used for diving, both in wet and dry suits. The material is waterproof, shock absorbing, heat insulating and oil resistant. Isn’t that great!


The internal part is partly neoprene and fleece. Fleece has some of the best characteristics of the wool: is largely unsurpassed in insulation properties due to its high air content (only air can insulate heat); hydrophobic, which means that it dries very quickly and is insulating warmth even when wet (can only absorb about 1% of its weight in water); is breathable and sweat transporting (sweat is transported to the surface quickly and evaporates); easy to take care and wash; very light as well. There is an extra pair of fleece insoles for cold weather and winter added in each box of Dock Boot.