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Is Dock Boot bigger in size?

Most people think that Dock Boot is bigger in size compared to other shoes / boots, so check the size charts carefully and measure your foot if necessary.

How can I find my best size?

If you go into the model you want, you will find a size chart which shows the inner target (length in mm). Measure the foot from heel to toe, add 10 – 12mm (especially recommended for children) or 5 – 10mm (for adults), round to the nearest size and find the right size.

What sizes are available?

It varies from model to model, but children models are usually available from size 20 to 35. Juniors / adults sizes are from size 36 to 49.

Is Dock Boot really waterproof?

Dock Boot is 100% waterproof (when is out of the box 🙂 ) and you do not need to treat them in any way during the boot life, except if you want to clean or wash them when they have become dirty.
Some may feel the moist while wearing Dock Boot. This is due to our experience of sweating and condensation which occurs when you wear the boot for a long time. However of the properties of the neoprene, you will still be warm on your legs, even if you feel moist (unlike regular boots).
A good suggestion is to remove the insoles, wipe the shoes and leave overnight so that they are properly dry when wearing in the morning. You will not start with “residual moisture” because of previous use. By the way, you can easily use a hair dryer for a few minutes on each boot.
One can also try to wear thinner socks than usual. A thin wool sock has been the solution for many customers with this issue.
And if you are in doubt if the boot is waterproof then you can easily test it yourself. Fill the boots with water almost to the top, without flipping over the edge, and put them on a dry paper overnight (boots must of course be completely dry on the outside). Check if there is a trace of water leakage the next morning.

Neoprene which is used in Dock Boot has been tested by the State Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO) in Norway. And the results show that neoprene alone can withstand a water column of more than 10,000 mm, which means that it is absolutely waterproof.

To be exact, for textiles a water column of more than 3,000 mm is considered waterproof. Less than that, it’s water repellent.

What is the pair of white extra insoles in the boxes?

It is an extra pair of insoles made of insulating synthetic fiber (fleece) – for the use during cold weather and winter.

Is it possible to buy the winter insoles separately?

Unfortunately, we do not sell the white extra insoles separately. So you will need to go to a shoe store to buy some optional insoles if needed.

Have Dock Boot shoes a specific smell?

This is a very unusual problem. Dock Boot is usually much less bothered with bad smell than other thermal boots. If you have felt it very often or even every season, it might unfortunately be due to the feet sweat. May we recommend then to change the type of socks and/or use special cures for feet perspiration.

 What is a daily care of Dock Boot shoes?

Our shoes do not demand specific care. Use water or a wet cloth for removing dirt (both inside and outside) and, if necessary, you can wash shoes in the washing machine at +30°C (preferably, in a washing bag). You may use an instant shine shoe sponge or a silicone spray/sponge for rubber renewal and brighter look.

We advise to remove an insoles, clean the inside (dryly or slightly wet) and leave for the night. So you will ensure necessary dryness in the morning and prevent humidity accumulation due to feet perspiration.

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