Dock Boot shoes are designed for convenient, warm and cosy wearing from autumn till spring!

For you to go to the kindergarten, school, sand box, park. To go for mushrooms and berries, to picnic and to romp about, take your pet for a walk, go through forests or climb hills, go tobogganing or without sledges, pick apples – big and tasty, explore birds, branches or puddles – big and small, even go fishing and hunting and everywhere else, where the heart takes you, small and big, young and grown up…

Soft, warm and convenient

Among the most appreciated and popular in Norway from 2005!

Handmade, from neoprene

Thoroughly made of neoprene (like diving suits) and natural rubber, without outer stitches, not glued sole

100% waterproof

Tested at SIFO in Norway

Suitable from –15°C to +15°C

Insulated by 5 (from -10 ºC) – 7 (from -15 ºC) mm of neoprene

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