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Dock Boot Ariel – also new this year! It is a dark burgundy Dock Boot style with a picture of a lovely deer. A great choice for the lover of animals and nature.

Heat insulating and waterproof Dock Boot shoes for your child‘s daily adventures! The feet remain dry and warm, the shoe is soft and keeps firmly on foot, but it is easy to take on and off even for the little ones.

Produced from neoprene and natural rubber

100% waterproof

Suitable from -10°C to +15ºC (insulated by 5 mm of neoprene)

 Reinforcement for heel and toes (foot protection)

 Washable in the washing machine (at +30ºC in the washing bag)

✔ Fast dry

 Soft, flexible, convenient and long-lasting


DOCK BOOT shoes are a little bit enlarged, so our shoes size 28 will not necessarily be compliant with size 28 of other trademark. It is likely, that if you wear other shoes, for instance, size 28, now you will need 27. May we advise you to read the given interior length measurements and take into account recommendations on how to choose a suitable size.

Outline the feet from heel to toes, while standing on the paper and measure the length. Add about 10 mm and look for the nearest size to the sum.


Insole mm135143150156163169176182


Insole mm190198203207215224232240



When choosing a size for adults, depending on the characteristics of the individual feet and the thickness of the socks to be worn, it is also advisable to add about 5-10 mm to the length of the feet. However, this is not always necessary. In most cases, adult Dock Boot sizes are the same size as the shoes normally worn.

True, the Spitsbergen and Telemark models are made of a thicker layer of neoprene (7 mm), so they are stronger and more tight on the ankles, as well as the calves – when buying these models, you may have to choose one size larger than you normally wear.

Insole mm231240248256265269277284


Insole mm292303311319328336345


Here target measurements are given for certain sizes and models. Note that Dock Boot shoes are handmade, therefore, the actual measurements may slightly vary (5-10 mm/20-30 g tolerance).

Weights of pairs for all models vary about 30-50 g in average for every size, and heights for tops of boot increase about 5-10 mm in every 2-3 sizes.

Size and modelWeight of pair without a boxTop of a boot with a sole
20 UNE500 g150 mm
25 UNE700 g180 mm
31 UNE860 g195 mm
35 LISTA1000 g210 mm
39 LISTA1200 g240 mm
43 LISTA1460 g265 mm
43 SPITSBERGEN1900 g290 mm
43 TELEMARK2000 g390 mm
46 TELEMARK2350 g400 mm


MAINTENANCE: use a wet cloth for cleaning; wash in the washing bag in the washing machine at temperature +30°C; do not keep close to the source of strong direct light.

RECOMMENDATION: you can wear cotton socks, however, if perspiration is stronger than normal or you want to have a higher warm comfort, thin wool socks are recommended.

OTHER INFORMATION: because of intensive wear, cleaning and washing of Dock Boot shoes, their colour, and brightness of pictures may undergo slight changes due to the contact with environment and its impact.


Designed, tested and appreciated in Norway

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